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Watch Praxis Dr. Hasenbein (1997) : Full Movies Before WWII: Dr. Hasenbein lives with his son Peter in a small town. Aunt Uschi's orphanage houses many children and a hamster. When the hamster falls ill, Dr. Hasenbein is given something to do. The tailor, Mr. Voss, is also treated by Dr. Hasenbein: for tendinitis. During the war, Dr. Hasenbein has to go away. When he comes back after 30 years, everything has changed...

Release Date:Jan 30, 1997
Casts:Helge Schneider, Andrea Rottmann, Bernhard Sondermann, Werner Abrolat, Norbert Losch, Peter Berling, Carlos Boes, Carina Berns, Bratislav Metulskie, Horst Mendroch, Bodo Oesterling
Plot Keywords:mother, hamster, son, doctor, illness

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