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Campfire Tales
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Watch Campfire Tales (1997) : Full Movie Online Free Anthology of famous, scary urban legends done with a modern twist.

Title Campfire Tales
Release Date May 16, 1997
Genres Horror,
Production Company Campfire LLC
Production Countries United States of America
Casts Jay R. Ferguson, Christine Taylor, Christopher Masterson, Kim Murphy, Ron Livingston, Jennifer MacDonald, Hawthorne James, Alex McKenna, Devon Odessa, Jonathan Fuller, Glenn Quinn
Plot Keywords car crash, urban legend, spirit,
Cliff (segment
Cliff (segment "The Campfire")
Jay R. Ferguson
Lauren (segment
Lauren (segment "The Campfire")
Christine Taylor
Eric (segment
Eric (segment "The Campfire")
Christopher Masterson
Alex (segment
Alex (segment "The Campfire")
Kim Murphy
Rick (segment
Rick (segment "The Honeymoon") / RV Driver (segment "The Campfire")
Ron Livingston
Valerie (segment
Valerie (segment "The Honeymoon") / RV Passenger (segment "The Campfire")
Jennifer MacDonald
Cole (segment
Cole (segment "The Honeymoon")
Hawthorne James
Amanda (segment
Amanda (segment "People Can Lick Too")
Alex McKenna
Katherine (segment
Katherine (segment "People Can Lick Too")
Devon Odessa
'Jessica' / Internet Man (segment
'Jessica' / Internet Man (segment "People Can Lick Too")
Jonathan Fuller
Scott Anderson (segment
Scott Anderson (segment "The Locket") / Paramedic #1 (segment "The Campfire")
Glenn Quinn
Heather Wallace (segment
Heather Wallace (segment "The Locket")
Jacinda Barrett
Eddie (segment
Eddie (segment "The Hook")
James Marsden
Jenny (segment
Jenny (segment "The Hook")
Amy Smart
Rockin' Rob (segment
Rockin' Rob (segment "The Hook")
Rick Lawrence
Deputy Manson (segment
Deputy Manson (segment "The Honeymoon")
Stewart J. Zully
Crew Man #1 (segment
Crew Man #1 (segment "The Honeymoon")
Paul Salamoff
Crew Man #2 (segment
Crew Man #2 (segment "The Honeymoon")
Bill Zahn
Crew Man #3 (segment
Crew Man #3 (segment "The Honeymoon")
Gary Jensen
Crew Man #4 (segment
Crew Man #4 (segment "The Honeymoon")
Ben Jensen
Mom (segment
Mom (segment "People Can Lick Too") / Paramedic #2 (segment "The Campfire")
Suzanne Goddard-Smythe
Dad (segment
Dad (segment "People Can Lick Too")
Michael Dempsey
Himself (segment
Himself (segment "People Can Lick Too")
Heather's Father (segment
Heather's Father (segment "The Locket")
Denny Arnold
Heather the Locket (segment
Heather the Locket (segment "The Locket") (voice)
Meleva Barbula
Policeman #1 (segment
Policeman #1 (segment "The Campfire")
David Cooper
Policeman #2 (segment
Policeman #2 (segment "The Campfire")
Eric Fleeks
Policeman #3 (segment
Policeman #3 (segment "The Campfire")
Mike Terner
Policeman #4 (segment
Policeman #4 (segment "The Campfire")
Matt Cooper
Willy the Hook (closing scene)
Willy the Hook (closing scene)
Larry Weinberg
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